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A word from our CEO


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states;


“There are very few public health crises that can be cured by education… dog bites are one of them;”


"The most surprising aspect of this health crisis is that it does NOT have to be this way; dog bites are preventable..."


K9 University is an Ivy League educational institution focusing on a variety of high end products. We are recommended by most Oklahoma veterinarians due to our in-depth behavioral knowledge and effectiveness.


K9 University has been in the educational business since 1985, and has patented many of its training methods due to the uniqueness and affectivity. We are the only training firm in the Dog Bite Safety business which focuses on PREVENTION, using modern patented repeatable behavioral methods.


Our Dog Bite data suggests that the only way to eliminate dog bites from your life is through correct behavioral education.

Industries and people that use our Dog Bite Prevention methods include:

- Children

- Aging Adults

- Veterinary Staff

- Utilities Employees

- Municipal Employees

- Phone / Cable Installers

- Construction Personnel

- Customer Service Personnel

- Delivery Personnel

- Insurance Company Personnel

- Humane Society

- Animal Control

- In-home Nursing Staffs

- Adult & Child Services

- Health Department

- Parks & Recreation

- Public Housing – HUD

- Waste Management

- Law Enforcement

- Fire Department

- Emergency Medical Respondents

- Door-to-door Sales / Politicians



K9 University founder Angel Soriano speaks with News channel 5 about a Pitbull attack on an elderly woman.


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